Laundry room refresh under $50

Out with the old and in with the…new

My laundry room is where a ton of action happens. Wash, dry, fold, repeat. As a family of 6 we do a lot of laundry and I wanted to create a space that felt resourceful as well as a place I would want to be. And of course it had to be budget friendly.

I started with a quick and easy DIY on these bins. I found plastic bins at Target for around $3 each and used a can of trusted spray paint I keep stocked in the garage for any DIY projects. Ultra matte black by Rustoleum. It’s become a favorite of mine.

I then switched out the accent rug. My mama taught me young that a rug can freshen up a space so I snatched this fun Aztec print rug for under $15 from Target.

I threw in some florals, chalk markered my bins to keep laundry items stored away and finished it out by placing my liquid laundry detergent into this plastic, opal drink dispenser I found for around $10.

All I needed now was my folding rack and though butcher block would have been great in this space I wanted to keep it budget friendly so I had my husband create the look using 2 x 4 wood that he split into half then pieced them together for the final look. I added in a fun pop of color using hunter green glossy spray paint by rustoleum to achieve exactly what I had envisioned.

This project took a few hours of a Sunday afternoon and really spruced the space right up.

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