Traveling with children

I recently traveled for our big move from TX > CO with our kiddos on an airplane. Alone.

At first it can be a bit nerve wracking but in all honesty I am their mama and nobody knows them better than me. I know what works for them, what do’s and don’t to follow and when all else fails-I always listen to my mama gut because it’s usually right. YOU mama need to do the same. These are your babies and you’ve got this!

Several of you asked how the trip was, how the children did and how the experience traveling with children alone was. So I decided to compile a list of my personal favorite tips + tricks!

1. Snacks. Whether it’s a 5 minute car ride, 5 hour road trip or a plane ride you need snacks. Lots of snacks. When they are whining-feed them snacks. When they are tattling on each other-feed them some snacks. When they are hungry-well duh feed them some snacks. Ha! In all seriousness my kids love goldfish, pretzels, cheez it’s, fruit snacks, apples, cucumber slices, cutie oranges and trail mix for travel days! Mess free and healthy snacks are a win win for this mama!

2. Limit screen free time-You may be reading this and thinking to yourself “This girl is cray cray” “oh no my children cannot and will not survive” “This mama will not survive!”

Again I want you to do what works best for you BUT hear me out. If you start your trip with zero screen time and allow that time to be filled with snacks, coloring, games and screen free activities then when the anticipation arrives (and it will) you can then hand over that screen time to save the day those last daunting moments before arrival. For our family it works every single time!

3. Pack easy activities. Kids love to change things up or you will hear the never ending phrase “I’m bored.” Here are a few of our favorite for car and plane rides!

• Coloring books with crayons, map pencils, scented markers

•Plain paper with stamps

•Kinectic sand

•Modeling clay

4. Play games that get your kids mind off where you are going and distract them long enough to help time fly. A few of our favorites are

•Simon says

•I spy

•tic tac toe

•Guessing game (this one we makeshift and say we are thinking of a color or # 1-10 etc. my kids love this and it keeps them oh so busy!

5. Pack bubble gum, neck pillows and a stuffy. These items seem simple but can make traveling more comfortable and soothing for your littles.

Last but not least, embrace the chaos! Kids don’t come with a manuscript and sometimes all of the planning in the world can’t guarantee it will go as smooth as we hope or even plan for. Embrace the time together and the experience. Cherish the moments and memories being made!

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