I can’t believe we did it and then again I can.

We packed our house, found a new home, had a trip in between and moved our family 975 miles away in 30 ish days.

Under all of the exhaustion is a smile beaming because I am so dang proud of us.

These kids. They were just getting adjusted to our new sweet town making friends and learning to love their schools. Roughly 6 months of making memories and again another move. It wasn’t all rainbows and we saw some tears but you guys they were so brave. They embraced the change, helped push through the chaos and showed me again how thankful I am that we do us.

If living in the RV taught these kids anything its to embrace change, live minimally, and make friends everywhere you go.

In the last 24 hours I’ve gone from ending a perfect 3 day getaway with my hubs celebrating his accomplishments with his company to flying solo with my babies to embark on this new adventure in the place we will now call home.

My younger two had never flown until now and again just made me so proud. They all went 2.5 hours screen free full of laughter, marker challenges, and enjoying snacks. Memories were made and my mama heart bursts with pride.

So cheers to 2020 and the adventure that lies ahead. Cheers to my kids who were brave and continue to be during this new chapter in our lives. Cheers to our families who have supported us and loved us through it all. Cheers to my husband who continues to strive for continued success. Cheers to us embracing the home we are in regardless of where that may.

After all #homeiswherethehabysare (thanks Kendra) 😉

Be sure to follow our adventures here

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