I’ve lived in 4 decades, 2 centuries, 2 millennials and I’m not even 40

What’s the one word you would use to describe your 2019?

When I first pondered on this question so many words came to mind: adventure, change, growth and heartache to name a few but the one word I am choosing to reflect on our year is seasons.

No not the ones you cook with or the weather outside but the ones we each endure month after month, chapter after chapter. 2019 was a year full of seasons.

A season of a new job for my husband, a season of many moves, a season of ending and beginning new friendships. A season of growth individually, as a family of 6 and spiritually. A season of loving others harder and losing ones we love.

A season of realizing that less is more and that experiences over things are what matter most to us. A season of letting go of expectations and enjoying the simple living life has to offer.

As I reflect on 2019 and each season we endured I will choose to be thankful; for each season truly has a reason.

January we experienced one of the scariest moments of our life when our home contained deadly levels of carbon monoxide just seconds before we all were to enter. I’ll forever hear the words the fire marshall said to me “the only time I’ve ever seen levels this high a home was engulfed in flames and I was pulling body bags from the home.” In that terrifying season God showed his love and protection using HIS timing, people and situations to remind us of his goodness always. We praised him in that storm.

February 2019 We renovated a 1985 RV ourselves to begin a life of minimalism, adventure and being together as a family. (Hubby was traveling for work weekly)

April 2019 Our youngest fell from a tree dislocating her elbow. Through each trial in those 24+ hours at the hospital we worked as a family and still pulled off the best birthday for our oldest the day her sister was released. It was in those times we were reminded of life’s plan constantly changing and learning to let go of control.

May 2019– Our home was leased out and our adventure began. We started living AND traveling in our fully renovated RV just shy of 300 sq ft as a family of 6.

June 2019– Nana passed away just days after her 98th birthday. She was my great-grandma and my children’s great-great grandma. Thankful for the years we had, memories made and knowing just where she went made it easier but a chunk of my heart was taken and I’d be lying if I said it was easier because she was 98. “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” Winnie the Pooh

July 2019– We spent our summer swimming in the Frio River, dancing the night away and watching the stars. We had little to no cell service and truly embraced the simple living entirely. Our kids loved the hardest that month and I’ll forever cherish the memories made on that River.

October 2019-We stumbled upon a small town that we fell in love with in the hill country. One we instantly connected with and felt like this is where we were called to be. The schools are wonderful so we enrolled our babies into public school after a full year of being homeschooled. No RV parks were available in the area and we wanted to stay put so we found a little house to rent out. I cried the first two nights in this house. That little RV brought our family closer in more ways than square footage. It will forever be the best thing we ever did for our kids.

December 2019– We just wrapped up Thanksgiving and Christmas back home doing all the things. Friendsgiving, mamas Thanksgiving, seeing family and friends, Christmas lights, baking, late night sleepovers with cousins, adventures outside, a snow ball fight on Christmas Day (thanks Bahama bucks) and all the presence that surrounded us. Yes, presence not presents 😉)

For 2020 I hope to continue growing spiritually, individually and as a blogger/content creator. I hope to travel to new destinations and continue living minimally. I look forward to a year of more experiences, celebrating 9 years of marriage with my handsome hubs, welcoming a niece in March and another nephew in May. I look forward to getting back into yoga and reading more books. I look forward to making new friends and closing the door on those that no longer bring me joy. I am looking forward to no spend January and officially becoming debt free this year (minus a mortgage + car note) I am looking forward to the laughs, love and good conversations.

Thank you 2019-for each and every season. You’ve all been good even if you weren’t good. 😉 What is your word for 2019 and what are you looking forward to in 2020?