December…a true month to always remember!

Can you believe we are here?

December 1st has arrived.


Tis the season of cutting down the Christmas tree, getting the house decked with lights, baking fresh cookies, dressing up the dining room, writing up the holiday cards for family and friends and listening to holiday classic Christmas music with a cozy fireplace too. Oh don’t forget about Hallmark movies -anyone who knows me knows I love my movies!



It is also the season that we look forward to for so long (I mean before Halloween for so many including myself) with so much anticipation and excitement yet once the season arrives we rush right through it faster then the light changes from yellow to red at a stoplight. We hustle and bustle so much that we don’t even allow ourselves the time to just slow down, breathe and enjoy the season. We strive for perfecting to decorate the tree but often forget to take time to just stare at the beauty of it once its done. We bake fresh cookies for our neighbors or even our kids but get so busy that we eat ours cold. We get caught up in the need to do everything that we forget that less is truly more.

Why do we do this? Wouldn’t we enjoy the season that we anticipate so much more if we just slowed down? Just like December 1st is here, Christmas will be too and if we aren’t careful it will pass before our eyes can even blink.


So this year we are starting a new tradition to create lasting memories while spending the time together that we want to without the stress. Advent calendars. Yes you know them and I am sure you had one growing up and perhaps have one now.  Ours is pictured below. Super cute, simple and from Target a few years back. Instead of filling it up with candy or something of that sort there will be simple pieces of paper with festive things to do as a family each day in December. These ideas are simple yet bring us together and that is truly all we want. Now before you say you don’t have the time or money these are cheap and can be free too. Work them around your schedule and your budget too.  I included a few days to do the things we traditionally do with our kids each year such as ice skating, baking for our neighbors, caroling and looking at Christmas lights. We will also see a few new things this year like a sleepover under the Christmas tree, a night of hand made ornaments and a candy cane challenge.


I cannot wait to see our kids faces light up each day as they open up the crinkled paper to find what sweet and simple surprise awaits that day.

Our oldest has been asking for days now if I had completed the ideas for the 25 days yet and if I had filled the tiny slots of the calendar (of course I am only doing it the night before to keep it extra surprising) so naturally today she was the first one down and ready to gather her siblings around the calendar to see what the first day would hold.

Day 1.Gingerbread house!  I knew today would be a busier day for our family (football and a few birthday parties) but tonight as our day comes to an end we will make ourselves a sweet gingerbread house as a family. Of course I got the box kit at Walmart during the black Friday sale for a whopping $7-can’t beat a steal of a deal! It will be a fun and memorable evening and that is what I want December to always be about.


And Jesus of course, because that’s the real reason for the season!

Oh and I recently launched my holiday line for my Etsy Shop (a few photos of products scattered throughout this post) which has been keeping me oh so busy! I was recently interviewed for my sweet business with Voyage Houston Magazine and it is a true blessing.  I am so thankful for everyone who has supported me thus far and continues to bless me in this dream of mine. To read the article and shop holiday gifts click the links below!

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for shopping small this holiday season!




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